Warm up stretch
Pilates is a body-mind conditioning system that can help you to
  • strengthen and tone muscles
  • improve posture
  • enhance flexibility, balance and coordination
  • recover from injury
  • develop mental focus
  • reduce stress and fatigue
  • and gain a greater sense of wellbeing.

"In ten sessions you'll feel the difference, in twenty you'll see the difference and in thirty you'll have a new body." Joseph Pilates

The system was created by Joseph Pilates in the first half of the 20th century under the name Contrology. Today's teaching still values the principles and original exercises, however scientific research has helped to 'evolve' the method and continues to inform what is taught and how. The emphasis is to create a balance in the body by strengthening and simultaneously lengthening muscles. The development of strong core postural muscles is a major focus. The method's effectiveness in injury rehabilitation is widely recognized by physical therapists.

Joseph Pilates emphasized the integration of his system into all aspects of life. When you learn Pilates you begin to refine your physical awareness and discover how to move with grace and efficiency in both daily life and sporting activities.

Whatever your age, fitness and ability - Pilates can be for you. Practiced regularly it will change how you relate to your body and the way you carry it in the world.