"I first started 1:1 sessions with Itta upon the advice of numerous clinicians after major abdominal surgery had left me in chronic pain. These sessions were enlightening: whilst never being one to profess being 'totally in tune' with my body, I had previously thought I had a fairly good understanding of what was going on. How wrong I was... Not only has Pilates – and Itta in particular – helped me overcome the chronic pain but I now feel like I actually live in my body, I experience it in a completely different way; I'm so much more aware of what I'm sensing that I now find myself making minor adjustments to my posture almost subconsciously. I appreciate my body more than ever before and really look forward to attending my weekly group class."

"I joined Itta's Pilates class not long after I had had an operation on my shoulder which left it painful to reach up or behind and with a diagnosis of impending arthritis in the joint. Over 18 months the weekly classes and, more recently, a personally tailored home practice regime have completely transformed the mobility in my shoulder joints and I am pain free. I recommend Itta's attention to detail to get the most out of Pilates exercise."

"Itta's classes are so well planned and concise that there is always a great flow of movement throughout the class. It is obvious that she studies her craft and ensures that she is continually learning in order to give her students the best. As a recently qualified Pilates instructor it has been a pleasure to find classes that both teach me Pilates and give me inspiration for my own teaching."

"I have been attending Itta's Pilates mat class for over a year now and have noticed improved posture and core strength. Having recently returned from my first skiing holiday since starting Pilates, I found that my skiing technique has improved and I was able to ski without tiring, my ski partners also commented. I believe Pilates has played no small part and will continue."

"Itta has the talent to make the atmosphere in the class cheerful and relaxed and create an easy space where to learn and explore – such a good vibe, no matter in what state I start the class I always leave happy."

"Itta's beginners course has been a fantastic introduction to Pilates. The small class sizes ensure that she can tailor each exercise to suit differing strength and flexibility. I have noticed a definite improvement in my core strength and posture. Itta explains and demonstrates each exercise carefully, correcting positions if needed which is very reassuring. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first block of sessions and am looking forward to next term!"

"After suffering persistent pelvic problems since having children, I decided to try Pilates, as other exercises only seemed to make my joint problems worse. Itta's friendly approach and small class sizes meant she could accommodate my issues and help me strengthen my body carefully and appropriately. After only five months of Pilates with Itta, I have a much more stable 'core', my pelvic issues have improved hugely and I've even been able to start running again! I can't thank Itta enough for helping me to redevelop a healthy relationship with my body."

"Itta is an excellent teacher. Her knowledge of the body in dance brings an extra dimension to the experience as a student. I have much more energy and strength since learning with Itta. Today after our class, I was surprised how effortless it was to carry my shopping bags on Gloucester Road. I can't wait to do more!"