About Itta

"Know all that you are, and all that you can be." Clara Pilates

For me, Pilates is more than exercise – Pilates means paying attention to the story of my body. Bringing awareness to past injuries and habitual movement patterns. Re-discovering neglected muscles and learning to calm muscles that seem to 'fire' involuntarily. Accepting my physical limitations but also understanding how to safely challenge my body, how to become stronger and more supple. Each session is an exploration of what's possible.

I first experienced the benefits of Pilates when recovering from an intervertebral disc injury. Pilates helped me to address muscle imbalances and postural habits and taught me good back care. 18 years on and I am still finding more of what I can be.

I am now a qualified Matwork Pilates teacher based in Bristol. Under the supervision of master teacher Suzanne Scott, I completed a one-year comprehensive training course at the Scott Studio in Somerset in 2013/14. I teach Joseph Pilates’ original mat repertoire as well as ‘evolved’ Pilates exercises reflecting latest bio-mechanic research. I have a strong interest in research available on myofascia – Thomas W. Myers' Anatomy Trains in particular – and its practical application in movement education.

Influenced by my background in dance and somatic movement I apply the Pilates method creatively. I offer an engaging variety of exercises, teach in a flowing manner and promote deep sensory awareness. With clear and detailed instructions I encourage you to discover your body anew and help you move with more ease and efficiency in sport and everyday life. I use a client-centred approach facilitating your personal Pilates journey.

I am a member of IPTA (Independent Pilates Teachers Association) and am committed to continuous professional development.